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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Here in the United States, today is Thanksgiving Day; there are many things for which I am grateful. Here are just a few of them worth sharing:

Alpha Males top my list (of course)

Men in leather...

Men in suits...

The mystery and lure of beefy packages!

Youthful Jocks

American military Men

Dudes with awesome physiques

Fresh-faced, naughty Twinks

Handsome Daddies

My favorite porn stars!

Stunning black Men

Sexy latino Studs

Handsome white Dudes

Men with Perfect Asses

Perfect long Cocks

Fat, meaty Dicks

Uncut Dicks with thick foreskins

Smooth-skinned circumcised Cocks

Magnificent Black Cocks

Cocks with thick, bulging, blood-engorged veins

(the occasional anonymous Dick)

Bloated, cum-filled Balls

A mouthful of big, meaty Cock

A nice, loving, slow afternoon Fuck... well as the occasional rough, dirty, brutal Fuck!

Being able to let my inner Pig cut loose every once in a while 
...and the occasional bit of Romance, as well...

A nice, creamy mouthful of warm, tasty Cum

My health!

And, of course, fans and followers of Perfect Dick from around the World!
Thank You!